Monday, June 21, 2010

Coming Soon

Visionary Leaders for Information.
Arthur Winzenried (2010)
ISBN: 978 1876938 85 7

The Centre for Information Studies is proud to announce its latest publication, coming July 5th, 2010.

Dr Arthur Winzenried holds a Diploma of Teaching (Prim), a BA (Hon) from Melbourne University, Victoria, a PhD (Arts) in history from Monash University, Victoria and a PhD (Applied Science) in Information Systems from Charles Sturt University, NSW. His working experience has been varied in the extreme; teaching for five years tertiary, five years primary, eighteen years secondary and a teacher librarian for fifteen years. He is currently a lecturer at Charles Sturt University and providing library consultation to several schools in Melbourne. His work in the information and knowledge management field is now world recognised. A regular speaker at national and international conferences, in recent times he has addressed meetings in London, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Perth (WA) and a range of locations within Australia. Arthur is a well-published author with more than twenty monographs to his name, together with a large number of essays, book chapters and professional papers.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest Publication from CIS - Practising Information Literacy

The Centre for Information Studies is proud to announce its latest publication, Practising Information Literacy: Bringing Theories of Learning, Practice and Information Literacy Together.

Information literacy provides a central scaffold for participation and learning in all areas of work, education and everyday life. This book showcases new interdisciplinary academic research on the relationship between information literacy and learning. It combines findings with new understandings drawn from theoretical and empirical research conducted in primary and secondary schools, higher education, workplaces, and community contexts. The studies offer new insights into questions such as how transferable are the information practices and skills learned in one context to other contexts? What is the degree to which information competences are generic, to what degree are they domain and context specific? What are the kinds of challenges and outcomes that emerge from incorporating information literacy into education and training courses? And, most importantly, what kinds of theories and philosophies regarding the nature of learning, information, and knowledge, should information literacies education and research efforts be based on?

This book was edited by Annemaree Lloyd & Sanna Talja and is available to order on the Centre's website.