Friday, August 15, 2008

Latest publication from CIS - Organising Knowledge in a Global Society (rev.ed)

The Centre for Information Studies is proud to announce its latest publication, Organising Knowledge in a Global Society (revised edition).

This book updates the successful first edition, which has been widely used as an introduction to the field of information organisation, both in Australia and overseas. The work reflects current practice and trends, paying particular attention to how libraries and other information services provide intellectual access to digital information resources through metadata. In this revision, the various information organisation components of the Web 2.0 phenomenon are discussed, including social tagging and folksonomies. Examples and case studies have been updated throughout.

This book was written by Philip Hider with Ross Harvey and is available to order on the Centre's website.

Latest publication from CIS - Exploring Methods in Information Literacy Research

The Centre for Information Studies is proud to annouce its latest publication, Exploring Methods in Information Literacy Research.

This book aims to provide an overview of approaches to assist researchers and practitioners to explore ways of undertaking research in the information literacy field. The first chapter provides an introductory overview of research by Dr Kirsty Williamson (author of Research Methods for Students, Academics and Professionals) and this sets the scene for the rest of the chapters where each author explores the key aspects of a specific method and explains how it may be applied in practice.

Renowned information literacy researcher Dr Christine Bruce affirms the usefulness of the book: 'New researchers and early career professionals will appreciate the clarity of
the introductions provided' to each of the methods covered. This book was edited by Suzanne Lipu, Kirsty Williamson & Annemaree Lloyd. Please visit our website for further details regarding this publication and how to order.